the witching hour 

I’m writing this late night (early morning?) post from the WordPress app while lying in bed, and I’m exhausted. I’m trying to delay myself from falling asleep while my son decides to toss, turn and  quietly call out to me every 3-5 minutes (mommy, mom, mommy). if I just drift off and then he wakes me up its almost worse than staying awake (hear me out). 

I like my sleep, and those first few moments when I finally drift into a peaceful slumber are the BEST. but when a tiny little voice awakens me (for no reason other than to confirm that I’m close by), it mildly annoys me. if I’m already awake then it’s as if my subconscious says, meh, you’re up anyway, just go. 

normally when my sweet little man calls out to me in the night it wouldn’t bother me but, when it’s going on nightly for the last 3 weeks, it’s starting to become frustrating (to say the least). and it’s the same time every night. sometime between 12-1am he stirs and then wakes up. some nights he just goes back to sleep but most (lately) he calls out to me. a few times I’ve tried just leaving him to settle himself but that did NOT get us anywhere (except both more irritated and definitely not asleep). instead, I stand just outside his room, leave the door slightly ajar and reassure him that mommy is close by but it’s time for both of us to go to sleep. sometimes I have to do this on and off for 5 mins, sometimes 20, sometimes 45 and sometimes not at all. 

last night he let me check his teeth (it’s not often that my 2 yr old willingly lets mama stick her fingers in his mouth to poke around haha) and I’m positive his 2 yr molars are going to make their appearance soon. besides the night waking, he’s had his fingers in his mouth ALOT, has been irritable (more than usual), throwing more tantrums, drooling (I honestly thought that was over long ago), and just recently started telling us that his teeth/mouth was hurting. 

I’m thankful to know that there’s a reason behind what’s going on (that I was able to figure out anyway) but I will be overjoyed, perhaps even ecstatic, when I can have a solid night’s sleep again (that’s longer than 5 hours).

I can see him tossing on the monitor; sometimes it’s a curse being able to watch him but during times like this, it helps me to be prepared for the waking that’s enroute.

I’m trying not to close my eyes, but my head is trying to ache and I’m ready to just sleep. if only he could understand that we all need some rest in order to be healthy & happy. sigh.