About Me.


Well here I am, thanks for stumbling upon my page! … I struggled at first when deciding what to write “about me”. How much do I say? What do I say? Who is really going to read this and care? If you’ve made it this far, then I might as well continue 😉

I’m a loving wife to an amazing, tattooed and big-bearded man who makes me laugh everyday; a human-mother to a wonderful little boy who makes me laugh just as much as his dad does, and sometimes more, who also tests my patience almost that often too (but I’m learning) and a mother to an amazingly sweet baby girl who just joined our clan in 2016 (seriously, SO sweet). I’m a dog-mother to a crazy, but lovable coonhound; a baker, crocheter, a graphic artist for over 15 years and an amateur makeup artist (ok, I pretend to be). I love to read (when I get the chance), travel, bake and try new crafty things when I’m not chasing after my kids, my dog, or all three. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, ideas, opinions (like ’em or not), rants and ramblings. There’ll likely be a lot of mom stuff, but hey, that’s me. Thanks for stopping by!


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